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TV Guide. June 16, The Boston Herald. Freeform original programming. Categories : s American comic science fiction television series s American comedy-drama television series ABC Family shows American television series debuts American television series endings Television programs based on comics. Hidden categories: Webarchive template archiveis links.

When Photographs Turn the Real Into the Surreal

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Javier Grillo-Marxuach John Ziffren. Jeremiah Chechik. Javier Grillo-Marxuach. It was just another day in the exciting world of temporary employment for Cuban semi-abstract expressionist artist Wendy Watson.

Answering phones at A. D Laboratories re-scrambling your D. A , fending off the attention of her overly-interested mother, then, in just the amount of time it takes to say "what the [bleep] was that? Though the catastrophe costs Wendy her job, it throws her into the world of The Middleman, a clean-living gentlemen tasked with extricating aliens, monsters and other weird abnormalities from this Earth.

Just in time too, since there are thieving apes running around with guns, quoting famous mafia films. The episode is based on the first volume of the "Middleman" comic. Michael Zinberg. Sarah Watson.

When a Terra Cotta Warrior is brought back to life, The Middleman and Wendy set out to stop him before he can take the last living heir of the Qin dynasty to the land of the dead, releasing a hail of fire that will rain down on the Earth for a thousand years. With some help from fashionista and reformed succubus, Roxy Wasserman, the two must make a daring trip to the underworld to get the deed done.

However, the realisation that the underworld could hold the key to a question which has haunted Wendy's childhood threatens to distract her from what needs to be done.

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Meanwhile, Lacey embarks on a mission to rid Roxy Wasserman's succubus-infested house of fur, little realising the existence of succubi or the importance of the finely balanced mineral content of Tahiti water, both of which threaten to put lives in jeopardy. A decade-long blood-feud between Wendy's inbound martial arts instructor Sensei Ping and a band of rebellious Lucha Libre wrestlers finally comes to a head when both Sensei Ping and The Middleman are kidnapped. Before, after, and during the aforementioned events though, the young Tyler Ford, musician extraordinaire steps into Wendy's life and she is shocked to learn that she was not the only one on the Middleman's list of potential recruits.

The episode is based on the second volume of the "Middleman" comic.

Wendy's inability to properly channel her emotional fall-out from her break-up with Ben heightens tensions both between her and Lacey and her working relationship with The Middleman. When the intrepid duo are sent to solve the mysterious disappearances of a benevolent alien race with a sweet-tooth for precious gems Wendy is inadvertently teleported to a deserted hunting reserve where Dr.

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Gil, a usually affable TV psychiatrist is looking for something fresh to put on his mantle. It's like The Most Dangerous Game … with aliens. Andy Reaser. Flying fish, trout-craving zombies, poisonous energy drinks and an RV hurtling towards a defenceless husband. All make up a terrifyingly normal day at the office for Wendy Watson.

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While trying to put on the latest incarnation of Art Crawl - an outlet for the creative minds in Wendy's apartment complex - Wendy struggles to cope with the demands of her job and the demands of her everyday life, throwing a hefty bag of spanners in the works of the usually smooth relationship between her and sexy boss man. The plot of a greed-driven businessman to infect the world-at-large with a disease which turns them into fish-craving zombified humans does little to ease the tension. Norman Buckley. Jordan Rosenberg. As little warp holes are popping up throughout the city, Wendy and The Middleman are on the hunt for the culprit.

Their search soon leads them to a foul-mouthed, boy-band obsessed year-old who is more than she seems.

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Realizing that this little girl is actually an alien warrior sent to prevent an exiled alien dictator and his generals, who are posing as a world famous boy-band named Varsity Fanclub, from returning to their home planet and wreaking havoc, The Middleman and Wendy step aside. But when they find out that if the little girl's plan to stop the boy-band succeeds, their loyal sidekick Ida becomes toast, they cannot just sit idly by. Catch gets a comic-book flavour as the twosome must choose between friendships, and the extinction of human life. Hans Beimler. Somebody's funny in the Underworld.

Don Calfari : But I did not give the order to wipe out the Spaldoni family.

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That is an order that I did not give. Henchman : Okay, Don Calfari. If you did not give the order, then what does that mean? Don Calfari : That would mean someone had to give the order Someone that was not me. Middleman : Dubbie?

It is I, the Middleman. Wendy : Really. Calling me on the Middlewatch, that only we have. The Middleman : All this, just to bring down a sorority? Eleanor Draper : The Omegas are elitist, hedonistic The Middleman : They wouldn't take you, would they? Eleanor Draper : I hate those exclusive sluts!

The Middleman

Lacey : How about now? Wendy : Fuzz Lacey : Sounds good to me. Ida : I've got good news, bad news, more bad news , and worse news. I got recruited the exact same way you did. When the last Middleman hired me, he never said who he worked for and I never asked. Ida was already there. So were all the weapons and gadgets and things. I don't know where they come from, they just do.

Maybe Ida runs the show. Maybe it's " The Conspiracy. I'm just The Middleman. Tyler: That's the longest game of stump the band I've ever seen without hearing any music. Wendy: Guy, what are you doing here? Guy: At present, I'm looking for some hooch. Wendy: You stay away from my roommate! Guy: I meant a drink. The Middleman: Dubbie, cover your eyes! The Middleman: It's thinking like that that led to drug-resistant malaria.

The Middleman: I'll be godfather to an aardvark before I let a debacle like the Viking Mission happen on my watch. Wendy: The Viking The Middleman: I'll explain in the car. Middleman: Photographic Memory? Wendy: Abstract Impressionist. Doctor : We don't get many visitors from the Department of Education. Wendy : Well, if you can teach the criminally insane, you can teach anyone.

The Middleman The Middleman
The Middleman The Middleman
The Middleman The Middleman
The Middleman The Middleman
The Middleman The Middleman

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