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Being a Good Dog meant that she had done her job well. And her job was really really important, because she kept her Person safe. She had done a lot of training to make sure of it. Now, years into being Partners with her Person, she was pretty confident in her abilities. Of course, sometimes she lost her focus or things got distracting or her Person told her to take a Break, but otherwise she was really good. Good at her job and good at being a Good Girl. Trixie had signs she watched, see. When her Person started breathing different, moving different, scratching his arms, smelled different especially when he smelled like metal , fell to the floor, and many more, Trixie knew it was her job to Task.

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Trying to figure out this puzzle board.

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One of us is smarter than the other. He grinned at me and threw more candies into basket. I sighed, grabbed her armed and made her follow my steps and we went to the Justin. Do you even have internet to check things?

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Who is that? Her plan was pretty good, I had to admit. Monty got pissed and tried to took another step forward, but I stopped him. I turned to face Sean. Monty clenched again, his eyes were dark with rage. We left the house, Monty closed door with a kick and continued carrying me. He saw I was calmer, so he took his hands off my shoulders.

He sighed, put his hands on my hips, kissed me and started moving us towards bed. I nodded my head. It felt like a minute passed when someone kneeled next to bed. Montgomery giggled. Who does he want there to entertain him while he's under the weather? Kathy and Elliot are divorced. Set after 'Perverted'. Draco's Prisoner by Casey Stardust reviews Not only was Hermione a prisoner in Draco's family home, Malfoy Manor, but the Malfoy heir had also managed to capture her heart. Only, they're hiding their true feelings for one another. Loki knows that it makes his brother uncomfortable but it's growing harder for him to keep his feelings hidden while Thor is just trying to understand his.

Good news though. While this story has all the makings of your standard, farfetched Hermione and Draco fan fic, it is devoid of the usual grammatical errors and poor writing.

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My Best Enemy's Baby by Casey Stardust reviews Hermione finds Ron in bed with Lavender Brown during their graduation party and takes her revenge by sleeping with the enemy. Unfortunately, in their drunken state neither Hermione nor Draco think to cast a contraception charm. All for Show by MsHWallbanger reviews In order to catch a rapist who targets girls in amateur videos, Olivia and Elliot need to create a movie of their own.

But it's only simulated, right?

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Rated M for later chapters. Vertigo by callistana reviews Alone at last for the first time in months, Ian and Wanda take a walk outside amongst the stars. A different approach to the usual O'Wanda first time fic. Massage Envy by visitmyao3writingramblr reviews The Avengers are recovering from the battle with Loki, but he still manages to wreak havoc, even among them, while he's under SHEILD's watch.

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Even after being transported to Asgard and kept under constant watch, Loki still finds ways to mess with our favorite Mortals Now Complete. The blue rose by stars-in-her-eyes reviews The frail prince of Jotunheim is handed over to Asgard when Laufey passes away. Can the young Thor win the heart of his spouse? Who Would Believe You? How do you love someone who took away your innocence? Rated "m" for rape. Up the Ante by Melibells reviews He took her panties, so she upped the ante.

In which Darcy plays a game of strip poker with Steve and Bucky, and gets a little more than she bargained for Turn the page by Potix reviews Sometimes it's useful having a trickster God as your friend with benefit. M because there's a tiny little bit of smut- my first smut,so be kind.

Thor is protective of him, but nobody can foresee everything, especially when somebody behind your back plots against your brother and decides to 'fight fire with fire'. Things turn into an unimaginable nightmare and you start questioning your own sanity. But not your love.

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Darcy's job is to get him up to date on Midgardian culture. Stasis by nottonyharrison reviews Wrapped up in layers of magic and bound beneath the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree was certainly not the way she had planned on spending her Christmas Eve. He saw no escape. Until one night when Thor found out.

He would not allow his brother to continue in misery. He will free him, no matter the cost. Rated M for that reason. Thorki undertones. Product of Omegle. This wasn't in the roommate agreement by latessitrice reviews Loki and Darcy's uneasy cohabitation is about to be interrupted by the jealousy caused by a simple hug.

Blueberry by amidtheflowers reviews The time has come for Loki to accept his Jotun form, and Darcy has an idea on how to go about it.

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Painted Blind by Michelle reviews Clint and Natasha go undercover to try to stop a plot to kill thousands. The mission parameters are simple enough, until they aren't. The Pool by Alpha Flyer reviews Saturday night on the helicarrier. There be trolls Sacrifice by checkmate14 reviews Bruce Banner has a hold on the Hulk, but not yet on himself. Bruce is angry, and Tony is vulnerable. Like the Pharaohs of Old by shakespeareinthepark reviews AU. Darcy POV. A team of archeologists travel to Egypt and get caught up in a race against the evil organization Hydra.

Both sides must follow a trail of clues leading to treasures beyond their imagination. Starts off with just Thor characters, but all the Avengers will be in it. Rated M for violence and sexual content.

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Sweat by Michelle reviews Clint and Natasha pull a crap surveillance detail, but they eventually figure out a great way to deal with the boredom. Tony Knows by StaySeated reviews Bruce is always afraid. When that fear makes him run to a remote island near India, Tony is determined to find him and bring him back home because Bruce is his a concept that Bruce has clearly not grasped.

After all, who else is going to put up with his loud music, constant need to science, and blueberry fetish? Sequel to The Golden Rule. Can be read alone. Mild swearing. It is a rule known by everyone. Except one day Bruce messes with Jarvis and lives to tell about it, leading the Avengers to modify the Golden Rule: Tony Stark does not share with anyone except Bruce Banner.

Hotel Helheim by monkan reviews Thor is the only heir to his father's Media Empire.

When his parent's suddenly die in a car accident he finds himself at the top, he also finds an old contract that show that his family owns a hotel. Thor takes his friends on a road trip to find out. But there might be some things in this world that should stay hidden. Don't Like?

Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen
Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen
Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen
Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen
Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen Terrible Trixie Pirate Queen

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