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Damage by Design

Based on theories of grounded cognition, we assumed that the experience of social exclusion is grounded in a concept of darkness. Specifically, we hypothesized that social exclusion causes perceptual judgments of darkness and a preference for brightness as a compensatory response. To investigate these hypotheses, we conducted four studies using different manipulations and measurements. Readers should be aware of issues of rape and molestation are within this novel.

This could be a downside for some readers who are unable to handle these topics. These topics are highly sensitive and could evoke trigger warnings with some readers. All readers are sure to be made uncomfortable by these additions to the book. However, these issues did not take away from the story but enhanced it. They were included with good reason. The author handled them delicately and was not too heavy handed.

This book could appeal to many young adults for the various themes. Young adults hoping to learn more about segregation and racism issues will find a lot to take out of this book. Those interested in love stories and family connections will find a heartwarming, if not also heartbreaking story. All of the themes within this book serve as appeal to young adults. This book is also a sort of history lesson on the tragic New London school Explosion of March 18, Young adults have a lot to gain from reading this book.

This book is sure to stay within the minds of many people for years to come. It is a story that is not easy to forget. I knew nothing about this book until I accidentally stumbled upon this on Overdrive. Set around the historical bombing of the New London school in East Texas in the 30s. This is an ambitious novel that tackles not only a historical devastation but also tackles racism, segregation, sexual abuse. I don't know how this author did it, but she cover I knew nothing about this book until I accidentally stumbled upon this on Overdrive.

I don't know how this author did it, but she covered it all WELL. I was deeply invested in the characters and this book devastated me.

Out of Darkness (2013)

This is classified as a YA novel and it goes further and is harder-hitting than a lot of YA novel I've read. There was a slow middle to this novel but it picked up and there was so much tension toward the end, I was dreading what would happen. I feel pretty close to the same to finishing this novel as finishing A Little Life. Yep, I said it. May 20, Cindy Rodriguez rated it it was amazing Shelves: latino-literature , young-adult , historical.

As soon as I finished Ashley's novel, I wanted to reread it as a writer. I want to pull it apart and study it because it's that good. One of the things I appreciate most was the slow burn of the narrative. The novel opens with the explosion, and then flashes back to show how the characters' live intersect before the event. The fuse lit in that opening scene coils through the narrative, gaining in intensity as the story leads back to the explosion and then its aftermath. The tension in Naomi's home, school, and community is palpable throughout the story and increases slowly as we're lead into the heartbreaking climax.

Ashley masterfully balances the big picture and the smallest details. Her writing made me think of a photographer who could both go wide and capture a panoramic view and then zoom in for a close up and not lose anything in this process. She also beautifully balances the swoony magic of falling deeply in love for the fist time and the absolutely brutal realities faced by African-Americans and Mexicans at this time in history. Jan 30, Carrie rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-adult.

This beautifully written, heart-wrenching book doesn't pull any punches.


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Although this is historical fiction, with its powerful exploration of racism it still feels very relevant today. I'm so glad this won a Printz honor because it jumped to the top of my reading list. Well done, Printz committee! Jul 05, Kimberli Heck rated it it was amazing. This book The story, the characters It has been a LONG time since I have read anything this captivating where I have sat for hours to just be with the characters. Nov 19, Donna rated it really liked it Shelves: relationships , literary-awards , historical-fiction , race , immigrant-issues , crime , young-adult.

This book will break your heart into a million little pieces and leave you thinking about the characters for days to come. It is warm and wonderful, gritty and hurtful. Naomi is of Mexican heritage. Wash is black.

Launching the Experiment

The year is , and what these two young people are feeling is strictly forbidden. Naomi, her twin half brother and sister, and her stepfather the father of the twins live in an oil drilling community in east Texas. The stepfather white could out evil a fairy tale villain. Naomi is responsible for caring for the twins, caring for the house, providing meals, keeping up with the laundry, and attending school.

Featured in the story is the true story of a schoolhouse explosion in east Texas in Many children were injured and many were killed, devastating a community. This accidental explosion and the pain and sorrow it causes is pivotal in the fictional events that follow. Racial injustice and burgeoning sexuality feature prominently in the story. Jan 31, Barbara rated it really liked it Shelves: bullies , history , community , compassion , moving , faith , jobs , resilience , pets , rural-life.

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I'm sitting here pretty much blown away by the power of this stunning recipient of the Printz Honor distinction. I'm torn between a 4 and a 5 for the book simply because I wanted more at the book's conclusion. And oh, how I wish things could have turned out differently. As they grew more and more out of control and I could sense an ending coming that I did not want, I felt the same way I felt when reading John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.

Why did it have to be this way? But then again, give I'm sitting here pretty much blown away by the power of this stunning recipient of the Printz Honor distinction. But then again, given all the circumstances, how could it be any other way? Told by alternating narrators, including one group labeled "The Gang," those nameless, faceless individuals who egg each other one, throwing stones and ruining reputations by spreading gossipy poison behind others' backs, the story is set in East Texas in and Henry Smith, an oil worker, has been convinced by his preacher to do the right thing and bring his children to stay with him now that he's had a religious conversion.

He also brings along his step-daughter Naomi Vargas, for whom he secretly yearns. But Naomi tries desperately to keep her distance while protecting her younger siblings, Cari and Beto, both of who are gifted and soak up every advantage offered by their new school.

Out of Darkness, Shining Light

Because Naomi is Mexican American, most of her classmates are disdainful with the girls insulting her intelligence and threadbare clothing and many of the boys dreaming of having sex with her. Their stereotypical ways of thinking are woven into the book's very fiber, making readers wince at every encounter Naomi has with someone at school. When she and her young charges are befriended by Wash Fuller, who is black and whose parents have dreamed and saved for his college education, they have no idea how important those friendships will become or what they will lead to.

Of course, Naomi and Wash fall in love, and in West Side Story fashion, dream of finding a place where they can be together. Wash is almost too good to be true, patient, caring, always where he needs to be. But the relationship is doomed after the school for whites explodes from a gas leak, and the desperate parents of the youngsters who died in the explosion are looking for scapegoats.

Based on the worst school disaster in American history, this is a story that will force readers to look into their own hearts to ponder how they might have reacted and how the book's many tragedies could have been averted. The author vividly depicts the mundaneness of Naomi's daily life and her constant struggles to keep herself safe even while lacking financial resources or any other options than living with the volatile Henry.

As for me, I keep thinking about poor Beto, clutching his beloved cat Edgar as he hid in the back of that car headed toward San Antonio. I also shake my head in astonishment at the lies that are taken for truth in so much of our history. If you haven't read this book, make time in your schedule to do so, but be warned: You will need some time to recover after you finish it. Apr 02, Marina rated it it was ok Shelves: own , 2-star. This is a situation where it's not the book, it's me.

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I think I think I pretty much hated everything about this story. I disliked most of the characters.

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I felt deceived by the summary of the book, because I thought this book was going to be about the tragedy of a school explosion. Instead it's about a sex-addicted white man who kills his Mexican wife because he can't keep his dick in his pants long enough, even though he knew another pregnancy would kill her. And even before she dies he turns h This is a situation where it's not the book, it's me. And even before she dies he turns his sights on her little daughter, sexually assaulting her multiple times.

Then even though they know he's a fucking creep, her grandparents still send her to live with him, and someone gets the fucking idea that they should get married. Her grandparents, her friends, their preacher, all think it's okay, because he's not her real dad. Like I don't think there are enough trigger warnings in the world to cover this book for the trauma I feel.

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Out of Darkness Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness Out of Darkness

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