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A few more days pass and Annie wonders how Elsie will take the news when she returns. Will she be mad at Annie or will they stay friends? Will Annie take on the same bullying behaviors her classmates have bestowed on Elsie? I just have to say--I couldn't put this book down. From start to finish, the narrative had me completely enthralled.

I had to know how this story would end and what would come of Annie. The characters are well developed and the book is written well with perfect pacing. There's just enough to keep you turning page after page. With that said, I was disturbed and uncomfortable at times. I found this middle grade book a bit scary and Elsie pretty much drove me crazy from the start. It's known that Elsie has demons from her past, some that she hasn't been able to exterminate, which makes her very unstable and evil at times.

It was almost more than I could bear. Rosie was also difficult to deal with. She's very cruel and tends to cause problems by calling names and bullying others by chasing them. She's pretty wound up, yet interesting.

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Some of the girls realize that what Rosie's doing is wrong, but many of them keep their mouths shut because they don't want to deal with the repercussions from her and they want her to remain their friend. They feel pressured to join in and all the while, the teacher doesn't seem to be on top of things and doesn't do anything to put a stop to the behaviors besides making simple commands like, "I won't tolerate this behavior.

While all of this is happening, the flu of is making rounds. People are dying left and right. Everyone fears that they'll be taken next, but who will it be? Overall, I think this is a 5-star read that I highly recommend. It kept me interested from start to finish and I was really pleased with the ending.

The Afterword was such a nice addition because the author explains where she got some of the ideas for the story which are inspired by true events. I'm excited to check out some other books by Mary Downing Hahn as this was my first. Thanks to Netgalley for sharing a copy of One For Sorrow in exchange for a review.

View all 35 comments. Mar 31, Starjustin rated it it was amazing Shelves: middle-grade.

One for Sorrow

Even though One for Sorrow is a middle-grade book I would recommend it to all readers who enjoy well written, fast paced, and excitingly real feeling ghost stories. The author takes this story from true experiences from her mothers childhood and turns it into a page-turner from beginning to end. Taking place at the end of World War I and during the Spanish flu pandemic, the book brings to life many aspects of that time period.

If you enjoy ghost stories, you will love this book as I did. View all 6 comments. May 13, Jenny Baker rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens , horror , , arc. The story and characters were so captivating that I was hooked on page one. I watch just about every Balt 4.

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The characterization is fantastic! Each character is distinct not only in dialogue, but also in behavior and action. In addition, their relationships with each other were well defined. Elsie is creepy! She forces Annie to hold her hand and drags her around the playground. When the other girls try to talk to Annie, Elsie answers on her behalf. Elsie goes out of her way to threaten and intimidate Annie.

One for Sorrow by Mary Downing Hahn

Even as a ghost, Elsie was trying to get Annie in trouble. The pacing was perfect. The hearses were horse-drawn and it was a luxury for people to have cars. Wakes were common, complete with coffins in the living room. I could feel the ambiance as the guests paid their respects. It has a nice tidy ending giving the story a satisfying resolution.

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If I were a child reading this, I would have found it disturbing. As an adult, I loved every moment of it! I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good ghost story. View all 11 comments. Jun 30, Tammie rated it it was ok Shelves: middle-grade , ghost-stories , paranormal , stand-alones , netgalley. I've read a few of Mary Downing Hahn's books and liked them quite a bit. I don't read a lot of middle grade, but her books are usually fun, creepy reads. This one I did not like as much as the others I've read. Despite there being a ghost, this was not a creepy book, and that disappointed me.

Most of this book was not pleasant to read. There is a lot of bullying done among school girls and although I wanted to feel badly for the girl that was being bullied, and I did at times, it was hard to because she was just as mean as the bullies. For most of the book none of the girls were really likable because of all of the meanness, but in the end the girls all do change. But it does take a vengeful ghost to get them to that point. The thing I found most interesting about this book was that it was inspired by a story from the author's mothers own experience of living during the Spanish influenza and surviving it.

The part in the book when the girls go to the different homes to pay their respects to and view the dead, mainly so they can get free cake, candy, and punch was something her mother and her mother's friends actually did, and they really did end up at a house that belonged to one of their classmates that they had no idea had died until they saw her in the coffin. If you like reading books about mean girls or vengeful ghosts you might like this book, but for me it was just ok. View 2 comments.

Aug 07, Kimberly Antill rated it really liked it Shelves: ghosts-anyone , young-adult , fiction , supernatural , library-books. So whenever I see she has something new I always try to check it out. One for Sorrow has everything I look forward to in her books: memorable characters, interesting settings and spooky ghosts. I liked that she set the book during the Spanish influenza epidemic.

It's a time period I didn't know to much about so I found it really interesting. But I have to admit that out of all of I have always enjoyed reading Mary Downing Hahn's books ever since I had read the Spanish Kidnapping as a young girl. But I have to admit that out of all of her books that I have read the ending to One for Sorrow was not one of my favorites but I enjoyed the rest of the book anyway. Perhaps my favorite part would have to be the Afterwards when the author wrote about her mother's experience during the influenza epidemic.

It was very interesting. Dec 30, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: ghosts , childrens-historical-fiction , childrens , historical-paranormal , childrens-horror , asylums , neo-victorian. I love that Mary Downing Hahn is releasing more ghost stories lately.

One For Sorrow One For Sorrow
One For Sorrow One For Sorrow
One For Sorrow One For Sorrow
One For Sorrow One For Sorrow
One For Sorrow One For Sorrow

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