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This is your one stop shop for great Catholic books, community, gifts, events, music, and resources. We are here to serve.

Life Teen strengthens our teens' Catholic identity, while rooting them firmly in Christ and in His Church. The reality is, the Gospel is, perhaps first and foremost, for ME.

Listening to our children as they call for action

If I want to share the Gospel with people, I must recognize how desperately I need to encounter and be rooted in, the Good News - not just once - but Every. Alberto Hurtado, born in and canonized in , is one of these saints. He proves that God is still acting through bold witness even in recent history. View All Blogs. Prayer My Favorite Prayer Tools. Culture Living an Abundant Life: St. Alberto Hurtado. Life Teen Speak Something New. Holmes and Watson: Fans not amused by Ferrell and Reilly team-up.

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Three teens stabbed in nearby streets moments apart in London | Metro News

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Navigate Right. The Lance. Search Submit Search. So how do you handle these topics while helping your kid learn a valuable lesson and keep communication lines open all at once? Photo Credit: State Farm 1. You see it every day and so do your teens.

Teens, tweeners and crepes: 10 memorable 2018 WTA moments

If you find out that your teen has been texting while driving, instead of losing your mind and coming down hard, use it as an important opportunity to help them learn. Taking their phone or keys away doesn't teach what you want: a safe and alive responsible driver.

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The website Distraction. You could save their life by having a frank conversation instead of grounding them. From opioids to marijuana to inhalants, there are many avenues to abuse so what if you found out your child snuck some of your meds? Flying off the handle rarely, if ever, accomplishes anything but adding more fuel to an already stoked fire of emotions.

Prom Dress Giveaway returns: Free fairy tale moments for teens

Getting to the root cause of why your child did this is important. Of course you are upset and concerned, as this brings up a host of issues, including trust.


Get them talking, and listen to what they have to say. Find out if they are feeling depressed or pressured by peers. According to Teen Rehab Center , "Studies continually show that teens are less likely to abuse substances if their families have open, honest discussions about the matter.

Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens Moments for Teens
Moments for Teens

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