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Sattui PM - Train returns. But first, sparkling wine. Lemon mascarpone crepes, roasted maple bacon, and oven basted egg with salmon roe and buttered croutons. And an intimate group of happy eager travelers, along with you on your journey. Who knew breakfast with strangers could be so delightful.

First stop, Robert Mondavi Winery. Whatever you order, luxurious ambiance is always served. From the moment you set foot inside the beautiful Redwood Cellar to your last sip, hear the fascinating history of the Mondavi and Krug families.

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Back on board, indulge in your third course—whipped Marin County brie with local honey, country olives, fennel pollen, and a ciabatta crisp—a divine savory palate pleaser on your journey to our last winery. Be sure to savor the extraordinary Napa Valley landscape with every bite. Next stop, V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, in the heart of Napa Valley.

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Learn about the deep roots of this historic family and get a behind the scenes glimpse into the winery, which was founded in , closed during the Prohibition, and is now an award-winning producer of small batch wines. Then the journey back, indulge in your final course—dessert. Have you traveled with us recently? Leave a Review!

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Overview A legacy is handed down over time, through family and tradition. At a glance: 3-hour rail tour of Napa Valley, departing at a.

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Elegant interiors. Plush velvet. Our sequoia logo speaks to our mission on many different levels. These trees can live to be thousands of years old and grow to over feet tall and over 50 feet in diameter.

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They live on for generation after generation, all the while giving rise to new branches and planting seeds for the future by dropping their cones to the forest floor. The roots and branches of a majestic tree have long been a metaphor for the history and relationships of family. The family tree links us to our ancestors and provides a visual reference of our genealogy. The tree is also a great representation of how family values, passions and learnings impact our legacies.

The same exact thing applies to a company or nonprofit organization. These seeds, that embody the essence of our values, can grow to have a huge social impact on our communities. From a single seed can come many trees, and ultimately a forest will grow. This becomes our organic legacy.

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Our Team. Our Beliefs At Legacy Philanthropy Group, we believe that every individual and every organization has untapped potential to make a profound and lasting difference in the world we live in. Our Vision To foster and leverage philanthropy as a catalyst for change - making a positive impact on the world around us by helping individuals, families, and organizations craft and live their legacies and unlock their latent philanthropic potential by raising awareness, understanding, competence and capacity.

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