Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)

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Immortal Angel

Intriguing and suspenseful. I must purchase this book to see the final conclusion.

Immortal Angel

What a find. Thank you for your imagination. Mar 14, Theresa rated it it was amazing. Good Start Super sexy alpha angel, yes please! I enjoyed the start to this series and can't wait to read "Angel Betrayed" next.

Common Sense says

Jul 21, Julianne Redmon rated it it was amazing. Amazing start to a story. I was glued to my screen the whole time. This is the type of read where people get the "you-better-not-talk-to-me-until-I-finish" look. Luckily for those around me, none of them interrupted LOL The story is well-thought out and precisely written. There isn't any extemporaneous nonsense. Every action triggers another and another until you have this detailed set of dominoes falling down. You are never lost and everything makes sense. There isn't any further explanation nee Amazing start to a story.

There isn't any further explanation needed. You understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of each of the events.

I also loved the characters. Gillian isn't your typical heroine. She's smart, geeky, and somewhat unsure of herself when it comes to men. But when it comes to her life's work, she knows exactly what she has and comes to find out why it's important. Brion is unquestionably devoted to his work and as he and Gillian interact you understand how he's growing to understand the predicament they all are in. The sexual tension between Gillian and Brion is off the charts! And Keith He's a great friend to Gillian and knows how to take charge and make decisions under tough circumstances. I can't wait to read more!

This is part of a set so don't expect anything to be resolved in this first book But I say I'm definitely a new fan! He says he's OK, but they don't think so and take him home with them to make sure he is OK. She will have many surprises and so will the warrior angel Brion , who has been assigned to watch out for her but doesn't know why or from what. When she finally tell him what she is working on he knows why Michael sent him to watch her. He knows that according to the facts she gave him, what he had to do to rescue her from the demons that she NEEDS help.

Even though he though he had her in a safe place, now he knows he needs help and he has to call in more help. He can because in Angel form she can see him and more. Can't wait for more. Barbara Brownell rated it really liked it May 14, Deborah Joy rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Alicia McConkey rated it liked it Jul 13, Such a place is a place that millions of girls across the world would die to be.

Honestly, this seems like a re-imagined Cinderella story to me. Jacks is the perfect Prince Charming and Maddy is our hard-working Cinderella, a girl that lost both her parents that always takes the morning shift at her uncle Kevin's diner. Both grew up naive to the others lifestyles, so their attempts at a relationship or any type of public appearance were in vain. Jacks took Maddy into the spotlight with the hopes of showing her how beautiful he truly thought he was, but let's just say that backfired beyond belief. Their naivety made it incredibly hard for them to see eye to eye.

And of course, the odds were stacked against them, but that never seemed to stop them. And just when everything couldn't get worse, their relationship began to plummet while surrounded by non-stop action that had you flipping pages like there is no tomorrow! Maddy is a great heroine. She's very logical, but Jacks' presence makes her illogical.

The Immortal

Thus, her random spurts of logic when the story is moving along are almost aggravating. They come out of nowhere, though you tend to agree with them, I just wish they were brought on more smoothly. Jacks isn't the typical Hollywood "It" Boy. He broke up with Vivian Holycross, the "It" Girl because she didn't truly care for him, effectively turning her into the Evil Step-Sister. She's immediately envious of Jacks and beyond territorial, threatening both Jacks and Maddy any chance she's given. Oddly enough, I truly adored this story. Despite me feeling the Cinderella vibes, this is definitely different from any form of re-telling that I have ever read.

It's not even officially a re-telling, it just seems like one to me, as a reader. My only complaint is that, at times, I wish Speer was more descriptive. But, hey, this is his debut novel so I have to give him the props he deserves. I am most definitely anxiously awaiting its sequel! A nice read for anyone who loves loose fairytale re-tellings, angels, mythology, and action!

Jul 15, Arooj rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. So, this was actually I've been looking forward to reading this book for a while now because it sounded really interesting and I'm happy I finally got to read it. One thing that I really, really liked was the whole concept of Angels charging people for their services. I mean, we never think that if Angels were real that we'd have to pay them to help us since, you know, they're suppose to be guard us humans from the bad things.

But no, that's not how things work in this book. Here, So, this was actually Here, Angels revealed themselves to humanity a hundred or so years ago and began to save lives anonymously. But then I guess they though, "Hey! We can make a fortune out of this! And it's not a small amount.

Review: Battle Angel by Scott Speer (Immortal City #3)

No, apparently only the rich and famous can afford them. It's kind of like insurance - if you manage to get an Angel assigned to you, you pay monthly installments and then an additional amount when you are saved. But that's not all - the Angel's influence has grown so much that they've become celebrities. From fashion lines to advertisements, Angels are the current hot trend. Poeple have gone crazy worshiping these Angels.

Basically, being a Guardian isn't just about saving lives anymore. It's about how rich and famous you can be. See, I never read any Angel book like this one. Where in other books, It'd would be mostly about good and bad Angels and how they try to conceal themselves from the mortal world, but in this book, they're famous. Another thing I liked was how fast paced the book was and how things moved pretty smoothly. I also lived the whole mystery behind who was killing these Angels and why. The characters were pretty likeable.

Immortal City by Scott Spear book review

Maddy, to be quite honest, wasn't anything special or different than those other main female leads in YA books. I was able to relate to her, but she still made the same stupid mistakes and decisions as all those other girls. I'm totally used to this, but I was hoping she'd be different.

Oh well. I really liked Jackson. I was fully prepared to find out how he was a jerk who was all full of himself it's kind of a reflex now after all these YA books with jerk-y guys , but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was a very down to Earth guy. It's not his fault he was grown up this way. He was a really, really sweet guy. I hates his nickname though - "Jacks". I dunno, it really annoyed me. Jack would have been okay, but what's with the extra "s"? Or maybe I'm just odd.

Oh, and also - I really disliked Maddy's friend, Gwen.

Unable to Die

God, she was such an idiot. Why is it that in most books, the best friend is really annoying? One thing that I didn't like was how some events were kind of Like they were scenes and lines pulled straight from an action movie.

Imortal - Episode 56

I felt like I've read these parts already in other books. But anyways, all in all, this was a very enjoyable book.

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I was going to give it a 3. I look forward to the second book! Review: Immortal City will leave you wanting more. It swept me off my feet and I don't want to come back down yet. It wasn't what I was expecting and that was a good thing.

Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1) Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)
Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1) Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)
Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1) Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)
Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1) Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)
Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1) Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)
Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1) Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)
Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1) Immortal Angel (The Immortal Angel Series Book 1)

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