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The principles in this work are as true today as they were over years ago, and are as valid for business negotiations as for hand-to-hand combat. Based on the principles of Zen and advocating a hands-on approach to mastering the skills needed for winning, A Book of Five Rings is very likely the most perceptive guide to strategy ever written. I respect the idea of using the book as a base for ideas in busness, but in using it for a purpose other than its intent which is the teaching of surviving life and death struggle and a way to live by an ideal, you are in fact going against the spirit of the thing itsself and inturn the very book your reading I say this as a warning and for respect of the man who wrote it and the wisdom that inspired and motivated its creation.

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‘Go Rin No Sho’ – ‘The Book of Five Rings.’ – Pencil Writing

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Book Review: The Book Of Five Rings

The Essential Yoga Sutra. During his time, he won against famous schools Gorin No Sho Introduction by Shihan Gosho Motoharu and won against formidable opponents, positioning himself as an unbeatable warrior. He fought over 60 duels, was present in many battles and was never beaten. He created Niten Ichi Ryu, one of the most famous styles of Kenjutsu, the art of swordsmanship, specially known for its simultaneous use of two swords.

At the end of his life, Miyamoto Musashi isolated himself in a remote cave and wrote Gorin No Sho, leaving to his disciples his strategy and wisdom, acquired through a life dedicated to technical and spiritual enhancement. Ten generations of disciples later, the definitive edition of Gorin No Sho translated to Portuguese arrives in Brazil. The book has Jorge Kishikawa as a technical reviser, who is also Niten Ichi Ryu pioneer in Brazil and the first westerner to achieve Menkyo Kaiden, the highest grade in the style.

Shihan Gosho Motoharo is the representative master of the ninth generation, and practiced the style for more than five decades, a whole life dedicated to the comprehension and transmission of Miyamoto Musashi's teachings. This is the biggest difference between this and other editions of Gorin No Sho previously published.

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For the first time in Brazil and also in the West , this book is brought to us by people who have practiced in Musashi's style, who make of their practice their path to enhancement, something that is strongly emphasized by the author in his text. This edition is presented in bilingual format, with the original text included.

Go Rin No Sho - The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi (Complete Audiobook)

To make this the biggest and most elaborate edition of Gorin No Sho ever published, Hokusai illustrations, famous painter from Japan, are included.

A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings A Book Of Five Rings
A Book Of Five Rings

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